The tag is to be read bottom to top with holes punched the month service was done and the year service was done.

EXAMPLE: Service done in January 2008:Jan will have a hole punched and 2008 will have a hole punched.

Service will be required in the month of January 2009 by a state licensed company and individual.

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Basic requirements per NFPA10 standards for ABC type fire extinguishers:

1.A state licensed individual working for a state licensed firm is to service portable extinguisher each year.

2.At a 6 year period the extinguisher is required to be emptied and refilled a proper seal tag and label applied before it can be certified.

3.At the 12 year period the extinguisher is required to be hydro tested before it can be certified.

4.Any UL Rated commercial rated that was made 1984 or previous must be removed from service at the 6yr or 12 yr period or when next service is due.

There are also ABC fire extinguishers that are UL rated Home Use that can not be refilled that are sold by some discount stores.

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